ConsIoT 2016: Is Your Smart Thermostat Yours?

ConsIoT 2016: 11 aprile, dalle 9.00 in diretta da Vienna. Un incontro per riflettere sull’impatto dell’IoT su proprietà e controllo dei beni di consumo

Dopo qualche problema nella prima sessione siamo finalmente LIVE.

Nei prossimi giorni caricheremo anche i primi due interventi. grazie per la pazienza.

According to recent studies, consumer applications will drive the number of connected things. Integrated into the Internet and equipped with smart modules, consumer goods are increasingly becoming components of the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure. As a result, material possessions embed software, can be remotely monitored and controlled, and often require third-party intermediation in order to be enjoyed by their purchaser. Technology itself, and contract, may affect customers’ ability to use and transfer the IoT-embedded items purchased and the data collected by them. In this workshop, we aim to investigate how ownership and actual control are altered by the aforementioned developments; whether and to what extent this alteration is compatible with the European legislation in force; and, more generally, the impact of this change of paradigm on society.